Wheat Merino Wool Ellie Jumpsuit "Powder Flowers"
Wheat Merino Wool Ellie Jumpsuit "Powder Flowers"
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Wheat Merino Wool Ellie Jumpsuit "Powder Flowers"

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Merino wool gives children amazing protection against heat, cold, moisture, odour and UV rays. Also, since merino wool fibres are thinner than regular wool, the fabric feels lightweight and very soft against the skin.

Here's the facts: 

  • Merino wool can absorb 40% of it's weight in moisture before feeling wet which will help children stay dry
  • By absorbing moisture merino wool will help to regulate temperature. When it's cold it will absorb moisture to help keep a child warm. When it's hot it will release moisture thru evaporation helping to keep the child cool
  • Merino wool has natural resistance to bacterial growth which helps it not develop odour after several wearings
  • One last amazing quality, it has natural UV protection

Fabric and Care

100% Merino wool

Machine wash in cold water on delicate; hang to dry


  • Long sleeved merino wool body suit with hand drawn front graphic
  • Snap closure at shoulder
  • Snap closure at legs
  • Okeo-Tex certified
  • Imported

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