50$ Mystery Bundle Girl 1 year
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50$ Mystery Bundle Girl 1 year

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Welcome to our 50$ Mystery Bundle!

What you can expect in your Mystery Bundle:

* Product valued at minimum 100$ (50% off!)

* One or two of the following: shirt, pant, skirt, or dress 

* other possible additions: socks, slippers, accessories, toys, books etc. 

Please keep the following in mind: 

* your outfit may not be chosen as a coordinating outfit, but can easily be worn with other wardrobe staples. We will try our best to coordinate items :)

* Mystery Bundles are final sale and cannot be customized

* You may receive items up to 6 months older than the stated age. You will never receive items younger than the stated age (ex: in a 12 month mystery bundle, you may receive an 18 month dress)

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